Exploiting any units there comes the time when it is necessary to do a technical service.

Regularly carry out equipment maintenance and service work, can help to detect defects the elimination of which may take more time and expenses of money later. Friteks has own service department with the goal of taking care of our clients and assuming responsibility for the accomplished work. Furthermore, the Service Department works upon warranty and after warranty service of ventilation, refrigeration, and air conditioning units, defecation and its repair.

Employees at the service department are trained and professionally skilled in their work. By choosing the services of Friteks Service Department the client can be sure that everything possible will be performed to make the units, devices work as qualitatively as possible, and for a long time.

By signing the unit maintenance agreement with our company, you will always have chance to get a consultation about ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems, and of course, various other issues related to our work.

When purchasing our units, the client receives the unit passport, where regularly performed works are specified in, to make the unit operate safety and for a long time. According to our experience the frequency of specialist visit is once in three months, but this quantity may change depending on the client’s wish and the equipment specification. It takes 1-3 hours per unit to perform fully check of unit, and it depends on the size of the unit and the amount of performed works. If defects have been found, we make a cost estimate and hand it to the client