Fields and Activities

SIA FRITEKS is one of the leading assembly companies in the field of engineering, communications, and refrigeration systems in Latvia. With over 20 years of experience the company is able to provide the highest quality services.

HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning)

Our specialists will suggest most appropriate machinery for your office, plant or house, will work out a project and will perform a system assembly. Nowadays it is important for ventilation machinery to be placed in a short time, of excellent quality, with a long serving period, and safe exploitation. Consideration of these preconditions are guaranteed by Friteks highly qualified employees and the use of materials brand proof.

Ventilation systems

One of the areas in which FRITEKS Ltd. operates are ventilation systems. The company provides its customers with a full range of services ranging from design, assembly, and service.

The objects we are working in are the most diverse –

Hotels (“Reval Hotel Latvia”, Radisson Blu Latvia Hotel”, Radisson Blu Elizabete Hotel”)

Hypermarkets (“Rimi”, “Rīga Plaza”, mēbeļu nams “Spice”, “Stockmann”, “Maxima”, “Raibais suns”, “Citymarket”, “Prizma”)

Banks and offices (“DNB Nord banka”, “AB.LV banka”, administratīvā ēka “VALDO”, “HB 19”, “Evolution Latvia”, administrācijas un sadzīves telpa “Latvijas Maiznieks”, “Olainfarm”)

Automobile showrooms (“SAAB autocentrs”, “VW centrs”, “Autonams”)

Entertainment centers (“Bowlero”, “Forum cinemas”, “Līvu akvaparks”, “Tenisa centrs”)

Different (“Bērnu klīniskās universitātes slimnīca”, “Salmu krogs”, restorāns un viesnīca “ELIZEJA”, “Rīgas Pils”, Latvijas televīzija”)

Air conditioning

Friteks Ltd. is offering the air conditioning units which have claimed attention for its proof of high quality among in the world’s leading producers.

To satisfy the clients’ needs, we are offering the delivery and assembly service of “split” air conditioning units from various foreign producers, mostly from Japan FUJITSU GENERAL.


Hotels (“Reval Hotel Latvia”, “Radisson Blu Hotel”, “Kempinski Hotel Riga”)

Offices (“Virši-A”, “Lattelecom”, “Latvijas Valsts Meži”, “Lidosta Rīga”)

Food production enterprises (“Druvas pārtika”, Latgales Piens”, “Bauskas dārzeņi”, “RR Fish”, Tērvetes Alus”, “Staburadze”)

Different (residential houses, many schools like “Riga Technical University”, “Latvia University of Agriculture”, “University of Latvia”, live casino studio “Evolution Gaming”)


Design, delivery, and assembly of cooling and refrigeration systems are another remarkable field of activities performed by Friteks, Ltd.

Cooling equipment is subdivided into several groups:
• Industrial equipment - it works on ammonia and is used in big industrial enterprises.
• Commercial equipment - is usually used by small and middle enterprises, trading and agricultural industries.
• Cooling equipment for ice hockey halls.
• Refrigeration equipment for production of ice water for food technology needs.

Food technology

Nowadays Friteks, Ltd. has not stopped at the gained experience, but is working on developing appropriate high-level technologies and workroom appliances according to the EU standards. Friteks, Ltd. has co-operated in the technological development of several breweries and milk processing industries. Projects, we have worked – Dairy factories (“Jaunpils Pienotava”, “Mālpils Piensaimnieks”, “Cesvaines Piens”, Smiltenes Piens”, “Rīgas Piena kombināts”, “Straupes Piens”, “Latvian dairy”) Brewery (“Tērvetes AL”, “Valmiermuižas Alus”, “Piebalgas Alus”, “Cēsu Alus”, “Bauskas Alus”)


Friteks, Ltd. has constantly been developing its capacities with the purpose of becoming Latvia's biggest producer, assembler and deliverer of air conditioning and cooling systems. The building department was founded in 2003. Since then we have been co-operating with most Latvia's food producers and processors. We provide fully accomplished building operations, including assembly, maintenance, and overseeing of the building operations. In spite of the fact that our building department exists for a short period of time, we have managed to join in big and complexed projects fulfilling them qualitatively, fast and in a due time. Furthermore, all the building restrictions and juridical norms of the Latvian Republic have been completely observed.

Energy Projects

Cogeneration is understood as a technological process that simultaneously produces both, heat and electricity. Cogeneration is an environmentally friendly and efficient process, Ltd FRITEKS construction team has cooperated in cogeneration station “E-Strenči”. Furthermore, several energy projects are under development.